Sunny Patio 3D Salvapantallas


We all are looking forward to summer and we want to spend these happy moments closer to the sea. Windows screensaver background "Sunny Patio 3D" gives us an incredible feeling of freedom and lightness. There is a small cozy courtyard paved with stone and a miniature, exquisitely beautiful fountain in the centre. Everywhere there are flowers, shrubs, wonderful trees, the crown of which creates a slight shadow, and magnificent small houses. The atmosphere of this place attracts like a magnet. Download free this 3D desktop saver and you will certainly appreciate the greatness of the mountains towering against the background of the endless sky and you will not refuse to swim in the blue cool sea. Singing of birds, the sound of sea waves, the pleasant melody of this 3D screensaver theme contribute to the harmonious unity of man with nature.



  • Windows XP or later


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