Haunted House 3D Salvapantallas


If you have not still decided how to decorate your workplace for Halloween, then the Windows free screensaver "Haunted House 3D" will be an excellent solution. Download this 3D desktop background for your PC and move to the epicenter of all the secrets and events of this horrendous and shocking place. From the very first minute, a shiver runs through the body when you hear the sinister music and monotonous rain noise. Then we see a mysterious mansion with lots of windows where the light suddenly comes on and goes out, the old abandoned cemetery, the dense forest and the terrifying sounds of supernatural dwellers are heard from everywhere. The gloomy, but at the same time thrilling atmosphere of Full HD screen saver "Haunted House 3D" will not only impress, but inspire you to make some new unusual accessories for the holiday.



  • Windows XP or later


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