White Sharks 3D Screensaver


White sharks - the largest species of sharks and one of the worst enemies of people among the inhabitants of the ocean. Powerful jaws are the main advantage of this sea beast. Download free 3D screensaver for Windows "White Sharks" and get a unique chance to view its main weapon as close as possible. This incredibly realistic Full HD screen saver and enthralling melody will help you to immerse yourself in the mysterious world of the ocean. This is the world where contradictory feelings are born from what is seen, where the past is intertwined with the present and curiosity with danger. You will not be able to meet a white shark in any oceanarium of the world, as this species does not survive in captivity. It means that the moving desktop background "White Sharks 3D" will be an excellent substitution for real communication with a formidable predator.

Video & Screenshots


  • Windows XP or later

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