White Christmas 3D Salvapantallas


Winter has come and has covered everything with fluffy, blinding white snow. Enjoying this natural splendor, we meet the warmest and family holiday - Christmas. Moving animated screensaver free download "White Christmas 3D" will be a wonderful gift that will bring a lot of positive emotions. A stunning winter landscape opens before you. Quiet, windless evening, the sun is slowly descending beyond the horizon, the snow is falling and warm light in the windows of the marvelous house on the bank of the river invites us to visit it. A fabulous melody leads to this amazing place and the feeling of comfort and serenity fills the heart. You can download this 3D screen saver for Windows without registration and install it for your PC. Let this desktop saver help you to spend more time with this long-awaited, beloved holiday.



  • Windows XP,Vista,7,8,10


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