Christmas 3D Salvapantallas


We always look forward to the holidays, but unfortunately this festive time ends quickly and a dreary, monotonous routine comes. Christmas 3D desktop screen saver background for your PC will help you to prolong these solemn moments. The last hours before the holiday are the most exciting. The moving animated Christmas 3D screensaver gives you these magical moments. Winter has covered everything with white fluffy snow. A nice house with glowing windows has already brought together all friends and relatives to celebrate this kind and glorious holiday. It's snowing outside, there are colored garlands everywhere and lanterns throw a bright light on a splendid spruce which a funny snowman completes to decorate. Download this one of the most popular 3D screensavers now and you can immerse yourself in a happy, joyful, festive atmosphere any time you like.



  • Windows XP or later


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