Stargaze 3D Screensaver


Since ancient times, the star sky has attracted people with its beauty and mystery. What could be nicer than watching these marvelous heavenly lights? Probably, thanks to a fluke you can see a falling star and make your most cherished wish. The greatest pleasure is the search for various constellations in the sky. Everyone, for sure, was experiencing these exciting moments. But, unfortunately, we see only flickering points in the sky... Let's dream a little and move to the board of the spacecraft in order to see the stars as close as possible. Download Full HD screensaver for you PC and you will see a completely different life, a beautiful star world on your screen, as in the porthole. Due to a different combination of stars, we can see the representatives from the animal world, signs of the zodiac and even objects. This Windows free screen saver will help you to return to your childhood, the time when you dreamed of going for a dangerous, but fascinating trip.

Video & Screenshots


  • Windows XP or later

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