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Sharks 3D Screensaver



Sharks are insidious and aggressive creatures, but at the same time it is an interesting object for study. They are the most ancient inhabitants of the ocean, which have been evolved for many years. Almost no one can compare with these predators in strength, speed of movement, size, endurance. They have virtually no enemies. Only people actively influence the reduction of the shark population. A common person has practically no opportunity to observe these underwater predators. This Windows free screensaver "Sharks 3D" is a great chance to get closer to these dangerous creatures and learn the features of their life. Download this 3D desktop background and get a fantastic oceanarium, which you can visit any time you like.

Video & Screenshots


  • 3D environment
  • Colorful graphics
  • Smooth animation
  • Realistic ambient sounds


  • Windows XP,Vista,7,8,10
Size: 27.7 MB
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Full Version: $9.99

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