Santa's Flight 3D Screensaver


Far far away, somewhere in the middle of the endless snowy country of the North Pole, lives a cheerful white-bearded old man. He is always dressed in red. Children from around the world write letters to him to get presents, made specifically for them in a big toy factory, and every Christmas he travels around the world in a sleigh full of the gifts. He is a Santa Claus, or Santa. Santa's Flight 3D Screensaver has captured a large number of things usually associated with the magic of Christmas. Since the very introduction of the screensaver, you will find your screen covered with the glistening snow of the North Pole. It will give you a chance to see Santa Claus in his reactive, deer-driven sleigh, taking off the ground to do its annual holiday flight.

Video & Screenshots


  • Windows XP or later

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