Santa Claus 3D Screensaver


Download free 3D moving desktop screen saver "Santa Claus" and go on a fabulous trip with the magnificent Santa. You will experience incredible sensations by rolling on a luxurious holiday sledges pulled by deer. Just imagine: a frosty night, you are high in the sky and under you the hundreds of lights - this is the lights of the houses, where children eagerly wait for the desired gifts. This 3D screensaver for Windows opens before you the amazing beauty of snow-capped cities and villages, in the center of which, there are multi-colored elegant Christmas trees, and the accompanying cheerful music creates a festive mood. Full HD screensaver "Santa Claus 3D" - it is an unforgettable fairy tale and a wonderful Christmas gift to you for the whole New Year period.

Video & Screenshots


  • Windows XP or later

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